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Tina Young
Western Washington
Shih Tzu Breeder
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Our Li'l Women...
Marta is our beautiful Red Sable
Shih Tzu girl!
AKC Registered
10 pounds
We are an AKC Washington State Shih Tzu Breeder, that strives to produce a high quality Shih Tzu Puppy for your family to Cherish!
Li'l Country Shih Tzu where you can always count on the best!!!
Li'l Country Shih Tzu
AKC Registered
Red/Gold & White...Liver Carrier
7 pounds
What a Darling Teacup Girl!  Born right here.
Her parents are Marta & Oscar.
AKC Registered
Red/Gold...5 pounds
AKC Registered
Gold with a black mask...
9 pounds